Frequently Asked Questions About Telehealth in New York & New Hampshire

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Is Online Therapy Right For Me?

Heck yeah! Over the years, I’ve worked with lots of people who travel for work, are stuck in the house, find themselves overwhelmed with activities and sports, can’t take time off from work for regular appointments, or who live in rural areas that have difficulty attending sessions regularly. These clients needed solutions. By having my practice exclusively online, this gives me the flexibility to work with individuals who live across New York and New Hampshire. 

Won’t It Feel Weird Not Being In An Office?

Maybe for the first couple of minutes, but only because it’s something different and I'm getting to know each other. I’ve consistently had clients tell me that they forgot all about talking into a screen once the conversation started rolling.

When I began offering video therapy, I was really nervous about it because I worried that I wouldn’t connect with my clients the way I did in my physical office. I worried that it would feel sterile and that I’d both miss out on the  small details present in office therapy. I’m happy to report, however, that I was wrong. If anything, sessions are more comfortable and flow naturally because my clients love the convenience of being able to do therapy on their terms. I’ve even noticed that people tend to open up more, which is awesome because that’s where I start making lasting changes.

Is Online Therapy Effective?

Absolutely! Research shows that online therapy is just as effective if not better than traditional in-person therapy.

  • Convenience – If you have kids who are home during the day and you can’t get out, or only get a short lunch break at work, you can still have your session because you don’t need to find a sitter or drive to an office.
  • Comfort – I have the opportunity to work wherever you are comfortable. I see people in their cars, offices, living rooms, and hotel rooms. For some people, the screen actually makes it easier to develop a rapport with me because they feel more comfortable. This means that I make progress a lot faster!
  • Travel – Do you travel for work or for your kids’ sporting events? No worries! As long as you have an internet connection, you can still attend sessions while you’re traveling.
  • Limited local providers – For those who live in rural areas without a lot of mental health providers, online therapy provides an opportunity for you to get the same therapy as someone in a large city. I can see clients anywhere in New York and New Hampshire.
  • Home Problem solving – Is there a place in your home that drives you crazy and you don’t know how to fix it? With telehealth, I can problem solve together because you’ll be able to show me exactly what’s going on.

So is online therapy effective? Totally and let me prove it to you!

How Does It Work?

48 hours prior to your appointment, you'll receive a link to access your session. You'll receive a reminder 10 minutes prior to your session. Simply click the link, type in your first name, allow camera and microphone access and start your session. 

Does Insurance Pay For Telehealth?

You betcha! All you pay is your copay if needed.

Where Are You Located?

I am anywhere you are in New York and New Hampshire providing therapy when you need it most. My psychotherapy practice is conducted exclusively online, via HIPAA compliant videoconference. 

How Long Will It Take?

This is an awesome question. Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer. Therapy can last a few sessions or several years. It just depends on your specific needs and the work you do in and out of sessions. Regardless of how long it takes you to feel better, I’m here for you every step of the way!