It’s no accident that you landed here. You’re ready for change and I can help!

Ever wonder how you got to be at this point in your life? You keep thinking that you should be further along or doing more with your life. Everyone else seems to be doing it, but let me assure you that they have their own insecurities too. Social media tricks us into thinking everyone else has it together, but when was the last time you saw someone post about their real life and not the idealized version?

You’re filled with anxiety more often than not and your mind never seems to shut off. Getting to sleep is almost impossible and you’re so overwhelmed that you can barely get through the day.

You’ve noticed that there’s not much joy in life anymore. Even simple things feel like a chore and sometimes your body feels like a lead weight. The depressive thoughts worry you and you don’t know how to be happy for longer than a couple of minutes.

Your friendships and relationships never seem to last. What friends you do have always seem to want something or make it all about what’s going on in their lives. Even when you find someone worth spending time with, you sabotage yourself and think that it won’t last because something will ruin it.

If you’re sick of your own thoughts, trust me my friend, life doesn’t need to be this way. Let me help you learn to choose happiness!

Providing Online Therapy that’s Convenient, Comfortable, and Effective

Sounds great right, but you think you don’t have time for therapy?

There’s no way you can take time off from work or add one more thing to your day. After all, you can barely get dinner on the table. If you’re not fighting your commute, attending meetings, or taking your kids to their zillions of activities, you’re just treading water. With all this going on, how do you fit therapy into your schedule?

Online therapy makes it possible!

I offer convenient telehealth counseling and psychotherapy for individuals across New York State that goes wherever you are with the click of a button. I conduct my psychotherapy practice exclusively online via a secure, HIPAA compliant virtual waiting room.

Nothing to download or install! It’s as simple as clicking on a link and you can do therapy from the comfort of your home, office, car, hotel room and anywhere else you can think of!  Therapy can even be done in your PJs. No more trying to sacrifice yourself and your well-being. You can get the therapy you need whenever you need it.

I don’t think I’d be comfortable not being in an office. It’s got to be hard connecting through a screen.

I worried about that at first too, but all my clients love telehealth so much that I converted my entire practice and gave up my physical office. They love the convenience, flexibility, privacy, and comfort and I promise you will too.


Now offering telehealth and online video therapy for residents of Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse.

Meet Sarah McClane, LMHC, MA, MS

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I’m not your typical therapist. I’ve made it my mission to get rid of the image of the stuffy, buttoned-up therapist. I work hard for you and genuinely care about my clients. You’ll see that I’m a real and open person and not just someone who does all the talking. You’ll probably hear me swear a time or two and I try to use humor when I can. Many of my clients have tried therapy before and found that they didn’t click with the therapist. Trust me, rapport is hugely important and something I work hard to build with you. I want you to invest in your future and I’ll do everything I can to help you get there!


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Providing online counseling and psychotherapy services for people across New York State