How to Avoid Toxic Venting

Venting can be a healthy way to express frustration, but when it becomes toxic, it creates a cycle of negativity that’s hard to repair. Though it feels good to vent in the moment, toxic venting creates significant anger and resentment that is unhealthy for you and your relationships. On the other hand, healthy venting helps you to heal and move...[ read more ]

You Are More Than What You Can Produce: Productivity Doesn’t Equal Self-Worth

A therapist's treasured moment: the "a-ha moment." Oh it just gives me goose bumps thinking about it. When an "a-ha" moment occurs, it means, a) I clearly am such an amazing therapist and also b) the person across from me is having a great moment of clarity! Obviously B is the most important. I know that. Today's "a-ha moment" came...[ read more ]

Tips for Understanding Emotionally Unavailable People

When someone isn’t emotionally available, they don’t connect with others – or themselves on a feeling level. This typically causes frustration for family and friends because the emotionally unavailable person doesn’t see their inability to connect as a problem. As a result, loved ones assume that the person doesn’t care but that’s not true, they just don’t know any different....[ read more ]

The 4 Attachment Types & How They Impact Your Relationships

Have you ever felt like you’re repeating the same relationship over and over again? At first, of course, you don’t think that the new person you’re excited about is like that crappy last person you dated. Nevertheless, a few weeks or months into the relationship, you’re having the same fights, complaints, and stressors as you had in your previous relationship....[ read more ]

How To Get Comfortable With Difficult Emotions

The ability to handle feelings  – our own and those of others – impacts everything we do. This kind of “emotional intelligence” predicts our personal and professional success. How “smart” we are in dealing with emotions sets the stage for how well we cope with and enjoy life. But feelings are subjective. What makes one person feel overwhelmed makes another...[ read more ]

How to Stay Centered When You’re Struggling

When you’re not in a good place, it’s hard to stay centered. “Staying centered” is an internal experience of feeling calm and confident within yourself. It’s a feeling of deep trust in one’s abilities or intuition. Maybe there has been a recent loss or disappointment that’s been hard to shake. Even though you have a support system, you might worry...[ read more ]

What Are Healthy Boundaries?

Boundaries create an appropriate distance distance between yourself and others. They help you decide which behaviors are acceptable. In relationships they provide a powerful way to advocate for yourself because knowing how to set boundaries makes you feel more confident in certain situations. Although boundaries are critical for healthy relationships, it can be challenging to understand how they work. Maybe...[ read more ]

How To Stop Defensiveness From Ruining A Conversation

According to the Gottman Institute for Couples Therapy, defensiveness is one of the main predictors of divorce. It’s a common but destructive habit that can be the start of communication problems. In this blog you’ll learn how to lessen defensive reactions to keep your communication healthy. Because defensiveness triggers a physiological response of stress, it makes communication difficult. People reacting defensively...[ read more ]

What is Codependency?

Because there is so much information published on codependency, it can be hard to make sense of it all. Part of the confusion is that no two people struggling with codependency are exactly alike. Some will identify with every symptom the list, while others relate to only a few. That being said, people struggling with codependency give too much in...[ read more ]

Are You Setting a Boundary Or Giving An Ultimatum?

Boundaries build a foundation of trust and respect that is critical for healthy relationships. Whether it’s with family, friends, people at work or romantic partners, boundaries identify where your limits are and what action - if any - you need to take. Setting boundaries helps you take care of yourself no matter what’s happening around you. Common Misconceptions First, healthy...[ read more ]

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