How To Stop Defensiveness From Ruining A Conversation

According to the Gottman Institute for Couples Therapy, defensiveness is one of the main predictors of divorce. It’s a common but destructive habit that can be the start of communication problems. In this blog you’ll learn how to lessen defensive reactions to keep your communication healthy. Because defensiveness triggers a physiological response of stress, it makes communication difficult. People reacting defensively...[ read more ]

What is Codependency?

Because there is so much information published on codependency, it can be hard to make sense of it all. Part of the confusion is that no two people struggling with codependency are exactly alike. Some will identify with every symptom the list, while others relate to only a few. That being said, people struggling with codependency give too much in...[ read more ]

Are You Setting a Boundary Or Giving An Ultimatum?

Boundaries build a foundation of trust and respect that is critical for healthy relationships. Whether it’s with family, friends, people at work or romantic partners, boundaries identify where your limits are and what action - if any - you need to take. Setting boundaries helps you take care of yourself no matter what’s happening around you. Common Misconceptions First, healthy...[ read more ]

How to Create Closure When Something Ends

With any kind of loss or significant change, you need to give yourself permission to embrace the grief and find closure. The message we get is that it’s okay to hurt - but not for long. Most people assume you’re fine after a month or so, but you might need more time. Maybe it’s a relationship that ended, someone died,...[ read more ]

4 Tips to Enjoy Family This Holiday

Holidays can feel more like an obligation than a joy. Having to deal with family and old hurts that get triggered make it tough to celebrate. Maybe you love the festivities but you dread having to see a certain family member. That one person who gets under your skin can ruin the fun if you let it. Here are some...[ read more ]

Are You a “Difficult” Person?

Have you had trouble in your relationships with friends, partners, co-workers, or family members? Does it seem to you that nobody understands you? Do you find yourself getting angry and aggressive? Do you think everyone else has a problem, not you? Have you tried therapy before but felt like the therapist was an idiot who didn’t know how to help...[ read more ]

7 Tips For Having Connecting Conversations

Having a connecting conversation isn't easy. A petty argument can start in a matter of minutes. Things like being too hungry or tired, not recognizing stress or just having a bad day can contribute. According to the Gottman Institute you can predict the health of a conversation in the first three minutes. The most important part of a conversation is...[ read more ]

What I Learned When Conflict Got Ugly

What I Learned When Conflict Got Ugly Have you ever been in a conversation that got way off track and didn’t know how to fix it? Several months back, I found myself reacting to a friend’s feedback. My head was swimming in fear and hurt. As much as I tried to stay focused, my hurt was getting in the way...[ read more ]

3 Simple Ways to Set Boundaries During The Holidays

The busyness of the holidays can make self-care a low priority. Between family obligations and social events setting boundaries may seem impossible. Dividing your time between all the festivities when you'd rather stay home just adds to the stress of the season. The holidays are a time to make memories but when you don't honor your own boundaries, they feel...[ read more ]

How To Fix It When “I’m Sorry” Doesn’t Work

"I’m sorry" doesn’t always work. In fact, sometimes, it make matters worse. When you’ve made a mistake, you might not know what to say - or whether you should say anything at all. This blog shows why "I’m sorry" doesn't work and how to repair things the right way. But first let’s go back a bit. There is a lot...[ read more ]

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