Trusting Yourself

If it looks right but feels wrong, it's FEAR. If it looks wrong but feels right, it's INTUITION. A hard truth is that you cannot trust others until you learn to trust yourself. But trusting others is what most of us worry about. You worry that your partner will lie or a friend will gossip behind your back. Trusting others...[ read more ]

Learning To Say No

Can you say no without feeling guilty? Often people say yes because it feels great - at first. You're the hero helping someone is in need. People love that generosity. That type of giving is a special quality that becomes ingrained in how you see yourself. There is a healthy pride associated with being helpful. It only becomes a problem...[ read more ]

10 Unmistakable Signs of a Narcissist

If you think that one of your friends or family members might be a narcissist then there are clear and distinct behaviors to watch out for. Here are ten unmistakable signs of a narcissist: 1. Having To Be the Best For narcissists, life is a competition and they want to be the winners every time. Narcissists strive to be the...[ read more ]

Tips For Coping With An Unhappy Marriage

You’re unhappy in your marriage but you’ve decided to stay. The stress is starting to get add up. You don’t want to leave your kids, but you’re tired of feeling ignored for all that do you. Waiting for the kids to go to college seems like an eternity. You don’t have to wait to create a more peaceful home. It...[ read more ]

5 Simple Steps To Master Letting Go

No one lets go voluntarily, but sometimes when the pain of holding on gets too intense, you have to. After months, sometimes years, of heartache, you're tired of trying to force a different outcome. Feelings of hopelessness make you want to give up. It's just too painful. There is nothing harder than letting go of someone that you love, but this type of...[ read more ]

How Detachment Keeps You Sane In A Chaotic Situation

Detachment means that you stop taking responsibility for things that are outside of your control. Maybe you're dealing with a family member who makes bad choices or an alcoholic partner. By stepping into someone else's drama we unknowingly create more stress. In this blog, you’ll learn how to avoid getting lost in a loved one’s chaos.   Detachment means that you...[ read more ]

Making New “Glory Days”: How to Stop Obsessing About Youthful Successes

“Ahh, the good ol’ days.” How often have we heard or uttered this familiar phrase? It can be a source of great pleasure and amusement to reminisce on a time when we were younger, remembering a special event or activity. We tend to look at our past experiences through a filter that magnifies the positive while diminishing the negative. While...[ read more ]

4 Ways to Change Your Thoughts and Relieve Depression

Did you know that on most days, the average person has between 25,000 and 50,000 thoughts? That’s an impressive amount of thoughts.But when happens when the majority of these thoughts are negative? Imagine the impact on your psyche and your life if you had thousands and thousands of negative thoughts each day?This amount of negative thinking is a hallmark of depression. Negative...[ read more ]

How To Spot & Avoid Relationship Red Flags

Most of us assume that picking the right person should come naturally, but it doesn't. If a person "feels right" you assume compatibility rather than taking the time to find out. The intense rush of infatuation makes you think that this is the one. Instead, this blog shows how to be a better "picker" so you don't fall into a disappointing or potentially...[ read more ]

5 Ways To Handle Unrealistic Expectations

Having expectations is a normal part of relationships. You expect parents to be supportive, spouses to be faithful and friends to be loyal. But unspoken expectations cause the most trouble because expecting others to know what you need without telling them is a set up.  An argument starts. Your brain interprets what's being said and reacts. You make assumptions based on...[ read more ]

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