Job Stress

Working Hard for the Money

If one more person asks you for one more thing, you’re going to scream! You’re already stressed out at work wondering how to finish everything on your to do list while trying to deal with your snarky coworker. Your boss doesn’t understand and you don’t know how to deal with all the meetings and expectations. You’d like a raise, but have no idea how to ask for one. Or maybe you hate your job and need to find a new one, but you’re scared to take that leap. What if a new job turns out to be worse than the one you have now?

I can help you deal with job stress and burnout. I will teach you the skills that will help you navigate difficult conversations, set boundaries, boost self-confidence, and help you get through the work day without wanting to pull your hair out. If it’s time for a job or career change, I’ll help you come up with a game plan to make it happen.


Lean On Me
Asking for help isn’t your strong suit. You want more support, but worry about reaching out and being a burden to others. You think everyone has their own problems to deal with and they probably don’t have time to listen to yours. You’d like to make new friends and maybe get rid of the ones that don’t fit your life anymore, but how do you do that without hurting their feelings? You feel like your relationships are one sided. You’re there for everyone else and yet where are they when you need them?

I help overwhelmed people pleasers take control of their lives. When you feel taken advantage of and unable to get rid of relationships that no longer serve you, resentment starts to build. You’ve got to clear out the old to make way for the new. Being able to ask for what you need and for what’s important to you are important skills. We’re not always taught how to communicate effectively with others. I can help you learn to be assertive so you can get what you need without all the resentment.

The Dating Game
You’re looking for love and all you want is a nice person to have a normal, happy relationship with. Instead, you find yourself fending off people who are nothing like their online dating profile. They seem to want nothing more than a casual hookup and aren’t interested in something real. You’re left asking when did texting become a substitute for real conversation? You’re sick of the bar scene and worry that maybe all the good ones are taken. You’re over the drama and the games.

I can show you how to choose more wisely by gently pointing out some of the mistakes you’re making in looking for a new low interest. I’ll show you how to spot red flags and give you the confidence to not ignore them and hope it gets better. I’ll help you clarify what’s important to you in a relationship so that you’re better able to spot the good ones and get rid of the bad ones a lot quicker.

Love On the Rocks
Do you wonder what happened to the person you fell in love with? You used to want to spend every minute together and now find yourself feeling unappreciated and taken for granted. You seem to be fighting more and more and over the stupidest things. Something small turns into a two hour fight and nothing ever gets resolved. Your parenting styles are different and you’re sick of playing the good cop-bad cop game. You fight about money and budgeting. Your sex life is unfulfilling or went out the window altogether. You used to go on date nights, but don’t know the last time that happened and when it did, all you talked about was the kids.

When you feel like nothing you ever do is good enough, I can help. I’ll help you get to the bottom of why it’s so hard to communicate with each other. When I show you what the underlying patterns are that cause most of your fights, you’ll learn how to have productive and meaningful conversations with each other. You’re never going to agree on everything and that’s okay, but I’ll help you talk again so that you both feel heard and understood. I’ll show you how to feel connected instead of criticized.

Anxiety, Depression, and Self-Esteem

Wash, Rinse, Repeat – The Cycle of Anxiety
You find yourself spinning on the same thoughts over and over without being able to shut them down. You blow things out of proportion and automatically go to the worst case scenario. You can play the “What If” game with the best of them. In fact, you may have a trophy or two. Are you always thinking that things are going “too well” and worry that something is going to happen to ruin it? You worry about what other people think about you and will go out of your way to make sure that no one is upset with you.

I can help you turn off the negative thought cycle. Our moods are often influenced by our thoughts. By shutting off the negative thoughts, you can change your mood and behave in more positive and productive ways.

Down and Out – The Darkness of Depression
You’re finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning and want to pull the covers over your head. You may be sleeping too much or having trouble falling asleep. You’re noticing a change in your appetite. Losing interest in activities you used to love? Are you crying a lot, feeling sad, or hopeless? You have difficulty concentrating and find yourself easily distracted.

Feeling depressed is an awful feeling. Sometimes we know why we feel that way and struggle at others to know why we feel so lousy. When it’s difficult to do ordinary things or to get through the day, it’s hard to find motivation to change. I can help you challenge your negative and depressive thoughts and give you tools to cope.

Keeping Up With the Jonses – Self-Esteem
You look in the mirror and wonder where the time went and who is looking back at you. You feel like an imposter and wonder when everyone is going to figure out that you don’t have it all together. You notice everyone else’s perfect life on social media and wish that could be you. You tell yourself that all those images aren’t what people’s lives are really like, but secretly worry that maybe it’s just your life that doesn’t measure up.

Trust me that most of the time social media makes us feel worse about ourselves. We delude ourselves about staying “connected” to others, but when is the last time you connected in person with any of those people? Had a real conversation about your imperfect life? If you’re telling yourself that someone is going to expose you for the “fraud” you really are and that everyone can see right through you, we need to talk. I can help you learn to be happy where you are in life right now. Not when this or that finally happens, but right now! I promise you that happiness is a choice and I can show you how to get it.

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