Job Stress

Working Hard for the Money

If one more person asks you for one more thing, you’re going to scream! You’re already stressed out at work wondering how to finish everything on your to do list while trying to deal with your snarky coworker. Your boss doesn’t understand and you don’t know how to deal with all the meetings and expectations. You’d like a raise, but have no idea how to ask for one. Or maybe you hate your job and need to find a new one, but you’re scared to take that leap. What if a new job turns out to be worse than the one you have now?

I can help you deal with job stress and burnout. I will teach you the skills that will help you navigate difficult conversations, set boundaries, boost self-confidence, and help you get through the work day without wanting to pull your hair out. If it’s time for a job or career change, I’ll help you come up with a game plan to make it happen.

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