Frequently Asked Questions About Online Virtual Therapy in New York

Is Online Therapy Right For Me?

Heck yeah! Over the years, I’ve worked with lots of people who travel for work, are swamped with family activities, can’t take time off every week for appointments, or who live in a rural area and can’t access therapy consistently. Seeing a therapist in a traditional office proved to be too much of a hassle or virtually impossible and they needed solutions. Online therapy allows me to work with individuals who live across New York State and who may not have access to high-quality providers where they live. I’m able to work with anyone whose permanent address is in New York, so if that’s you, we can work together!

Won’t It Feel Weird Not Being In An Office Sitting Across From You?

Maybe for the first couple of minutes, but only because it’s something different and we’re getting to know each other. I’ve consistently had clients tell me that they forgot all about it once we started talking. When I began offering video therapy, I was super anxious about it because I worried that I wouldn’t be able to connect with my clients the same way. I worried that it would feel impersonal and that I’d miss the nuances of traditional office therapy. I’m happy to report, however, that I was completely wrong. If anything, sessions are more comfortable and flow naturally because my clients love the convenience of being able to do therapy on their terms. I’ve even noticed that people tend to open up more, which is awesome because that’s where we start making lasting changes.

Is Online Therapy Effective?

Absolutely! Research shows that online therapy works just as well if not better than in-person therapy.

  • It’s convenient – If you have kids who nap reliably, or only get an hour lunch break at work, you can squeeze in a session because you don’t need to add in drive time or finding childcare.
  • Comfort – We have the opportunity to work in a space where you are the most comfortable. For some people, the distance actually makes it easier to develop an initial comfort level that can allow for more rapid progress!
  • Travel – Do you travel for work? No problem! As long as you have an internet connection in your hotel, you can still get the help you need while on the road.
  • Limited local options – For those who live in areas without a lot of mental health services, online therapy provides an opportunity for you to get the same quality of care as someone in a large metropolitan area. I can see clients anywhere in New York State.
  • In-home problem solving – If you are regularly having obstacles that make it difficult to progress, we can walk through them together. You won’t need to carry our discussion from the office, to the car, and then to your home (so many chances to forget or become distracted). Instead, we can literally walk through the steps in session, in your own home. Generalizing our ideas from the therapy office to the home is a challenge for many people, but that is something you don’t need to worry about with online therapy.

So is it effective? YEP and it may help you feel better even faster!

How Does It Work?

You’ll receive a link to my virtual waiting room and you’ll use this same link to attend every session. There’s absolutely nothing to download or install. A few minutes before your session, you’ll simply click the link, type in your first name, and allow camera and microphone access. It will look similar to Skype or FaceTime only better. My waiting room gives us a secure, HIPAA compliant connection to ensure your privacy.

Does Insurance Pay For Telehealth?

You betcha! All you pay is your copay if needed.

Where Are You Located?

Everywhere you are across New York State! For your convenience, my psychotherapy practice is conducted exclusively online, via HIPAA compliant videoconference.Whether you’re in NYC, Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany, in the Adirondacks, hanging in the Capital Region, or everywhere in between, I’m here and ready to help you change your life.

How Long Will It Take?

Great question and there’s no simple answer to this. Unfortunately, I don’t have a magic wand and can’t promise you life changing results in two sessions. What I can promise is a safe space to talk about difficult things. Some clients are able to resolve issues rather quickly and others are with me for several years. It depends on the problems we’re dealing with and the work you’re doing in and out of sessions. However long it takes, you’ll definitely feel better!

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